Nami Sano, author of Haven’t You Heard?, has died. I’m Sakamoto

This morning, the official Twitter account of the publisher Harta magazine battlefield announced terrible news to the manga community. Manga creator Nami Sano passed away on August 5 due to cancer. At just 36 years of age, Sano has left behind a promising career and legacy in the industry.

The shocking news reveals that Sano was diagnosed with cancer just a month before her death. Despite battling the disease, Sano was in the planning stages of a new manga. In his last farewell, shared by the editors of Harta, Sano left moving words: «This life was fun. Now I’m going to a freer world. Bye».

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Sakamoto desu ga?)” Sano’s first series, which he launched in 2011 on the pages of Harta magazine. This series, which inspired readers, came to an end in December 2015 and an anime adaptation was produced by Studio Deen and for the first time in the Spring-2016 season (April-June) in Japan.

But Sano’s legacy was not limited to one work. In July 2017, the creator launched “Migi to Dali” on the pages of Harta, a story that attracted readers with its unique style. Despite battling illness, Sano continued to work on the series until November 2021, when it ended. Once again, Sano’s creativity didn’t just stay on the pages, as an anime adaptation of “Migi to Dali” is coming up and will appear in October.

The news of Nami Sano’s death has left a void in the manga industry and has moved fans around the world. His work will live on as a testament to his passion and talent, and his passing leaves the art community in mourning. We offer our condolences to his family and to all those who were touched by his work.

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