My Stepmother’s Daughter Is My Ex Episode 9 Preview Released

My stepmother’s daughter is my exreleased visuals and a teaser trailer for episode 9. Episode 9 will air on August 31, 2022 and will revolve around Mizuto and Yume’s middle school past. You can watch the preview video below:

My stepmother’s daughter is my ex episode 9 preview trailer

Preview images are also available:

💙次回あらすじ&先行カット解禁❤ #9 若気の至り 水斗と結女がまだ付き合っていた頃のこと。初めて付き合う相手に対し、緊張を隠しきれない二人。手を繋いだりキスをしたり、少しさんますんに深めなれが、「あますてててきずず、さんににやきもきがが……

My stepmother’s daughter is my ex episode 9 preview images

You can check out 1 more preview image that has been uploaded to the anime official site. Crispy roll has streamed My stepmother’s daughter is my ex anime from July 6, 2022 and currently has 8 episodes available. Shinsuke Yanagi directed the series at Project No.9 studio.

The anime is based on Kyosuke KamishiroMy stepmother’s daughter is my ex (data from Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano)a series of light novels. It has been published by Kadokawa Shoten with Takayaki’s illustrations since 2018 and currently has 9 volumes available. Fujimi Shobo has been serializing a manga adaptation by Rei Kusakabe for Niconico Seiga since 2019 and currently has 4 volumes in circulation. J-Roman Clublicensed original My stepmother’s daughter is my ex series of light novels in English and describes the plot as:

Ah, high school. What better place to start fresh after a terrible relationship in middle school? no! Unless your ex graduated from the same school as you and is now your step-brother. What was supposed to be a haven of peace, where I could avoid seeing her again, turned into a real nightmare! Everywhere I look, I see her—in my house, in my school, in my class. There is no escape! She even claims to be the older sibling. Damn she is! But I won’t lose to her. After all, I am the older brother in this new family situation. That’s right, we’re family now. As much as we thought we loved each other before, we saw our true colors and realized we weren’t meant for each other. Therefore, although we may continue to act as a friend-of-a-friend, a sibling for our parents, things will never go back to the way they were.

source: Official Twitter
© Kyosuke Kamishiro, Production Committee of KADOKAWA / “TsureKano”.

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