My Happy Marriage English Dub cast revealed

First episode for My happy marriage premieres on Netflix, with both Japanese and English audio options and a full listing for the English dubbing cast. You can read our thoughts on the first episode in our review for my happy marriage Episode 1.

English dubbing for My happy marriage is as follows:

  • Damien HaasKiyoka Kudo
  • Miranda ParkinasMiyo Saimori
  • Erika SchroederasKanoko Saimori
  • Karen HueasYuri
  • Lizzy FreemanasKaya Saimori
  • Michael LorzasKoji Tatsuishi
  • Richard TatumasShinichi Saimori
  • Mick WingertasMinoru Tatsuishi

My happy marriage airs on Netflix weekly in Japanese and English and is based on the original light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi and available through Yen Press in English. There is also a manga serialization with artwork by Rito Kohsaka published by Square Enix. Yen Press describes the series as follows:

Born without talent into a noble family known for their supernatural abilities, Miyo Saimori is forced into a life of servitude by her abusive stepmother. When Miyo finally reaches marriageable age, however, her hopes of being whisked away to a better life are dashed after she discovers the identity of her fiancé: Kiyoka Kudou, a commander apparently so cold and cruel that all his previous brides-to-be escaped within three days of their engagements. With no home to return to, Mio accepts her fate and soon discovers that her pale and handsome future husband is anything but the monster she expected. As they slowly open their hearts to each other, they both realize that the other may be their chance to find true love and happiness.

Source: Netflix
©Akumi Agitogi, Tsukiho Tsukioka/KADOKAWA/My Happy Marriage Partners

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