Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Celebrates Final Episode with Artwork

On the official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of the light novels Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation Jobless (Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu) Various illustrations were shared to celebrate the broadcast of the second and final episodes of the second part of the anime adaptation (the twenty – third episode overall). The first one was shown at the end of the broadcast and the message writes: «Thank you so much for seeing!».

The second performance was made with Mizuki Takahashi, which led the animation direction.

The third performance was made with Yoshiko saitou, who took part in the production of the episode.

The fourth performance was made with Yuki kikuchi, who took part in the production of the episode.

The freelance artist made the fifth performance 東 雲 (@ dawn13_33).

The animator painted the sixth picture “ISO0356Who participated in the production of the episode.

The second part of the anime adaptation premiered during the Fall-2021 season (October-December) and featured a total of twelve episodes, adding twenty-three episodes to the project, and the platform Funimation leading its distribution in Latin America, including Spanish dubbing as well. The first episode aired in the Winter-2021 season (January-March), with eleven episodes. It should be remembered that the video game Mushoku Tensei: Game of Nattemo Honki Dasu available in catalog QooApp in this link.

Production team

  • Manabu Okamoto (Gamers!) who was in charge of the direction of the soul i Connect studio, though EGG FIRM production is believed.
  • Kazutaka Sugiyama (Darling in franxx) was in charge of character design.
  • Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Houseki no Kuni (Television), Magician Cheat Isekai, Love Live! School idol project) was in charge of the composition of the soundtrack.
  • Yuiko oohara he sang the first opening song entitled “Tabibito no Uta (旅人 の 唄)”, as well as the first final song entitled “Only (オ ン リ ー)”.

Mushoku Tensei: A Summary of Jobless Reincarnation

Despite being bullied, disrespected and oppressed for the rest of his life, a thirty-four-year-old hikikomori still found the secret to trying something heroic, only to end it in a tragic accident. But in a time of destiny, he wakes up in another world like Rudeus Greyrat, beginning a new life as a child born to two loving parents.

Preserving his memories and knowledge of his past life, Rudeus quickly adapts to his new environment. With the intention of an older adult, she begins to display magical talent that transcends all expectations, asserting her skill with the help of a magician named Roxy Migurdia. Rudeus learns to use the sword from his father, Paul, and meets Sylphiette, a girl of his age who quickly becomes a best friend. As Rudeus begins his second chance at life, he tries to make the most of his new chance as he overcomes his traumatic time. And maybe, one day, he will find the one thing he could not find in his old age: love.

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