Mushoku Tensei fans are afraid that the story will be cut in the anime

In the past few days, an image that criticizes the composition of the anime adaptation of it Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a Job with Studio Connection, regarding the perspectives (POV, Point of View). according to the picture, Studio Bind failed to faithfully adapt the comments in the stories by Eris Boreas Greyrat and Sarabut where could they have gone wrong?

Apparently, the anime adaptation didn’t make it clear enough why Eris ended up leaving Rudeus in the first season.and in this second season they also failed to properly explain the reason for Sara’s attitude towards Rudeus. In fact, in the latter he didn’t even have relevant dialogue that gave him “real development”.

With this in mind, It seems that fans are concerned that scenes related to the development or perspective of the story seen from Norn Greyrat, Rudeus’ sister, will be cut. What could Studio Bind leave out?

After Rudeus beat Paul, the relationship between Rudeus and Norn deteriorated. During their first meeting, Norn firmly believed that Rudeus had wronged her father, although she did not fully understand the situation. Blaming Rudeus for the conflict, Norn has since declared that he is neither her brother nor her family, her intense hostility towards him only growing with time. Despite everyone, including her own father, praising Rudeus and insisting that their conflicts were just misunderstandings, Norn resented it, believing that Rudeus influenced her father.

Norn was also tormented by her younger sister, Aisha, who excelled in academics and other fields. The reason for Aisha’s constant teasing was that Norn could not surpass her sister in any field, which led to constant conflict between them. In addition, Norn had to deal with additional pressure from her grandmother, Claire Latreia (Zenith’s mother), a noble from the Latreia family. Claire’s strict attitude and high expectations put a heavy burden on Norn. Her grandmother always emphasized the need for Norn to have talent that would uphold the honor of the Latreian people, but her lack of skill only resulted in constant failure and harsh reprimands, which only increased her hatred.

Shortly after, Roxy, his brother’s former magic teacher, appeared and discovered where his mother was. This meant that Norn would be left behind while her father went to find her mother. Desperate to join them, Norn pleaded persistently with her father. However, her grandmother insisted that she stay at the Latreia mansion. Although she initially refused, Paul convinced her to accompany Aisha to her brother’s house in Sharia.

The story continues from that point, but it would be major spoilers Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a Job which should not be revealed to those who have just watched the anime adaptation. However, Norn will play a very important role in the next story arc, can Studio Bind take the time to explain everything above so that fans can understand the character’s point of view?

It is for this reason that opinions have arisen in this regard:

  • «I thought Eris’ point of view was explained at the beginning of the last episode, and they will show Sara’s point of view in the next one.».
  • «I can’t believe it. For me, Eris’ point of view is one of the best arcs in Mushoku Tensei.».
  • «They also forgot to adapt Ghislaine’s point of view in the first season.».
  • «They are overreacting. We’ll definitely see Norn’s perspective when the time comes, otherwise nothing in the next story arc would make sense.».
  • «I seem to be hearing this theory more and more».
  • «Please stop this misunderstanding: Norn’s perspective is about her travels with Paul and her hatred of Rudeus, nothing sexual».
  • «I don’t think anything important has been left out so far, I just think you underestimate the audience’s intelligence».
  • «Oh come on, they gave you all the tools to understand Eris’ decisions. If you don’t get it, then this is not a series for you.».
  • «I will react violently if Studio Bind doesn’t faithfully adapt Norn’s perspective».
  • «If they changed anything about this attitude, it would destroy everything that comes after it.».
  • «Not better, those who only watch the anime will not understand many comments from Norn when she moves in with Rudeus».
  • «I doubt they are going to cut anything about Norn, her attitude is very important to the plot. Eris and Sara’s stories are good, but anyone with half a brain would understand them with a little context.».

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