Mushoku Tensei announces a hot spring event within its video game

The official site for the smartphone game of the franchise Mushoku Tensei: Post Reincarnation (Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu), entitled Mushoku Tensei: Game and Nattemo Honki Dasu, the start of a special event on the theme of Hot Springs which was active and announced next February 3 within the application in Japan as the deadline. The release includes a description of the event history, which writes:

«It's been a year since he started teaching within the Boreas family. Rudeus' body looks tired and Gislaine suggests relaxing at a local hot spring. The hot springs of this world seem to be mixed and described as “a place to open your mind and share experiences with others regardless of gender, age or race.” Rudeus and Eris, who are interested in hot springs, invite Roxy and Sylphy on a trip to the hot springs with all the benefits of the nobility. Rudeus goes to the Hot Springs hoping to see the naked girls, but something else is waiting for him there.»Finally, the statement also revealed the illustrations of the above characters and it should be noted that the video game is available in the catalog of QooApp into this link.

Summary of Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a Job

Despite being bullied, scared and oppressed all his life, the thirty-four year old hikikomori was still determined to undertake something heroic, only to end it in a tragic accident. But out of fate, he wakes up in another world like Rudeus Greyrat, starting a new life as a child born to two loving parents.

Retaining his memories and knowledge from his previous life, Rudeus quickly adapts to his new environment. With the spirit of an older adult, he begins to display a magical talent that transcends all expectations, perfecting his skill with the help of a magician named Roxy Migurdia. Rudeus learns the sword from his father, Paul, and meets Sylphiette, a girl his age who will quickly become his best friend. With Rudeus' second chance at life, he tries to make the most of his new chance as he grapples with his traumatic history. And maybe, one day, he will be able to find the one thing he could not find in his old world: love.

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