Morning coffee draws criticism in South Korea

On March 15, it opened in Seoul, South Koreanew”maid-coffee” Japanese style that is controversial, as some fear that the costumes and the theme of the waitresses, dressed as “maids” from the anime, could be degrading and commercializing sex. “Chusite Maid Cafe

Located in Mapo-gu, the so-called “morning cafe” serves customers dressed in ruffled miniskirts and fish-filled stockings with over-the-top waiters. A total of 28 workers or “servants” serve food and drinks while calling customers “master”.

The only coffee shop of its kind in South Korea, which only works by reservation, is already full for the whole month of March from the first day of opening. Last year, more than 300 people applied for jobs in a single day, according to the administration.

Despite its initial popularity, the Japanese-inspired restaurant has also caused a stir on the internet. Some people are concerned that the premise of young women dressing up as girls and acting aggressively is designed to appease the male gaze, which could send a problematic message of support for misogyny.

In the cafeteria’s official Instagram account you can read messages with details about each servant: “Master, I am here for whatever you need“, “My feelings for you – my love – will never change” and “I hope my love and kindness make you feel loved and happy.“.

Morning cafes emerged in Japan in the 1990s, where they are a subcategory of cosplay services. Inspired by sim dating video games, they were designed to meet the lack of people’s relationships during Japan’s lost ten years of slow economic growth to negative. The first morning cafe opened in Akihabara, an area in Tokyo known for its large number of shops related to electronics and anime.

Meanwhile, the establishment that opened in Seoul has a strict “do not touch or ask to be touched” policy, like most other morning cafes. On his official Instagram account, a person in charge of the restaurant wrote that his goal is to celebrate the anime industry and create a safe environment for people to enjoy this subculture.

Neighborhood residents also have mixed reactions. While some say the Cafeteria will boost the local economy, parents are concerned it could have a negative impact on the many nursery and primary schools in the area.

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