MOMOLAND Agency To Launch New “World” Girls Group In June

MLD Entertainment, the company behind KOM pop girls group MOMOLAND, is preparing to launch a new group soon.

Today (April 26), CEO Lee Hyung-jin gave a new interview to South Korean outlet Star News, revealing that the agency is preparing to start a new girls’ group in June. The new group, called LAPILLUS, will include members who speak Spanish, English, Filipino, Chinese and Japanese.

Two members of the upcoming group, the Japanese trainer Nonaka Shana, who was recently featured on the Mnet Girls Planet 999 TV competition show, were revealed alongside Filipino model Chantal Videla (also known as Chanty). and Argentine actor.

The duo was active on the MLD Entertainment YouTube series “NADOL”, where they acted as foreign trainers hoping to become K-pop idols in Korea. Lee also said the other members of LAPILLUS will be revealed sequentially from the end of May.

MLD Entertainment is home to the K-pop girls group MOMOLAND, along with the boys band T1419. Her most recent debut project was the single “Yummy Yummy Love”, released in January in collaboration with Dominican singer Natti Natasha.

Earlier this year, former MOMOLAND member Daisy revealed that she has not spoken to her former group partners since 2019 during Questions and Answers on Instagram. Daisy also addressed various questions about her former management agency, MLD Entertainment, and many more.

In other K-pop news, the boy band ASTRO will release their third studio album “Drive To The Starry Road” in May, a week after lead singer MJ departed for his compulsory military service. The upcoming record is the group’s first return in nine months, since their “Switch On” mini bomb since August 2021.


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