Miley Cyrus talks about the controversy with Sinéad O’Connor on the tenth anniversary of “Wrecking Ball”

Miley Cyrus spoke about her public argument in 2013 with Sinéad O’Connor on the 10th anniversary of her song ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Following the song’s release ten years ago, O’Connor penned an open letter to Cyrus after the pop star cited the late Irish singer as an inspiration for his revealing video for “Wrecking Ball.”

In the letter, O’Connor warned Cyrus not to let the music industry turn her into a “whore”, and Cyrus responded by posting photos of O’Connor in a fragile state of mind and comparing her to the actress Amanda Bynes, who was in the hospital after. mental breakdown that same year.

Now, on the anniversary of the ‘Wrecking Ball’, Cyrus spoke to ABC about the reasons for her messages to O’Connor and how she feels about it now.

In her new special Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions), Cyrus said of the reaction to ‘Wrecking Ball’: “I was expecting controversy and backlash, but I don’t think I was hope that other women would put me down or turn me down, especially women who were in my position before.

“That’s when I received an open letter from Sinead O’Connor, and I had no idea what a vulnerable situation she was in, and besides, I was only 20, so I could only deal with the disease. to some extent what I saw was that another woman told me that this idea was not my idea.

She said: “The triggers and traumas of our childhood come out in weird, weird ways, and I think I’d been considering my own choices for so long that I was exhausted, and I was at a point where I was making my own decisions. at the end. , and it was very upsetting to take that away from me. God bless Sinead O’Connor, seriously, seriously.”

O’Connor died aged 56 last month (July 26), after being found unconscious at her London home.

It emerged this month that the singer was in talks to shoot a biopic a few weeks before her death. According to The Sun, a film based on her 2021 autobiography Rememberings was being considered and three actresses, including Demi Moore, would play the late artist at different stages of her life.

Cyrus, meanwhile, returned this week with a new song and video ‘Used To Be Young’.

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