Midjourney AI generates amazing anime illustrations

Various illustrations made by artificial intelligence were shared on a popular Japanese comment forum Average trip, which shares a name with the research laboratory that developed it. This artificial intelligence creates images from textual descriptions, such as BLIND-E of Open AI, which is currently in open beta phase. The team of Average trip under direction David Holzco-founder JumpMotion.

According to Twitter user “852話 (@8co28)“, the team recently added some updates, and someone decided to try the option “2D Kawaii” as one of the terms that ended up generating the following illustrations:

The tool is only available through the official server of Conradh na Gaeilge Disagreement and works with order “/ imagine“, followed by a phrase that describes what the user wants to achieve. However, the trial is limited to twenty-five uses per person (which can be avoided by creating a new Discord account), and the original phrase must be written entirely in English. Of course, all this only trains the artificial intelligence and achieves more impressive results. Is this the democratization of art? In other words, does this mean that everyone will now have the same opportunities in the world of art?

It turns out that the first video game that uses illustrations generated through artificial intelligence, titled “Kabeyume (壁夢)“, released on August 12 via Nicovideo games in Japan.

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