Mick Fleetwood hosts Hawaii Wildfire Victims Benefit Concert

Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood has announced plans to hold a benefit concert for the victims of the wildfires in Hawaii.

Many people died in the extensive wildfires, and the flames destroyed the historic town of Lahaina, Maui. At the moment, the fires are still not under control and it is not known exactly how many people have left the area.

Among the damage was the Fleetwood restaurant, which was completely destroyed. Sharing a statement about the news, he said: “This is a terrible time for MAUl and many people are suffering an unimaginable loss.

“Fleetwoods on Front Street has been lost and while we are heartbroken our top priority is the safety of our beloved staff and members. On behalf of my family, I share my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the people of MAUI.”

Now, he spoke to ET Canada and revealed his plans to play a special concert to help raise money for those affected: “I already have a beautiful catalog of people who are worried,” he said, “I’ll stay as a mother. about who they are, But also, I get to be a part of something that we can do on a large scale, which is great.”

“Anything is great, and playing Honolulu, in about two weeks, and that concert is happening – Henry Kapono who lives in Oahu, was celebrating 50 years of his career – well, I’m going doing that show, supporting. this is all something that I feel like I can be a part of, or I can be a spearhead.

Fleetwood’s bandmate Stevie Nicks also spoke out about the fires recently, writing: “As you’ve probably heard, the island of Maui, where I have a house that I’ve lived in since the 1980s, and the small town , the city and the most magical place on earth, Lahaina, has burned to the ground in the past few days.

“And to make matters worse, my young niece, her husband, and young son had just arrived on a much-needed vacation before starting her school year (on her way to becoming a psychologist) for 10 day. They had a day. and a half of fun and then… the fire started.”

He added that Fleetwood Mac “defined” the island, adding: “Mick [Fleetwood] and I came here in 1978, we went up to Kula to see a huge beautiful house and we stood in front of it listening to the soft magical wind. He told me: ‘I will live and die on this island.’ I knew he was telling the truth. John [McVie] Also lived here on Maui for a long time – Christine [McVie] never lived here but visited it many times.

So far 93 people have died since the fires started earlier this week, according to BBC News.

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