MF DOOM’s family is asking Now-Again Records founder to return the late rapper’s rhyme books

MF DOOM’s family has asked Now-Again Records founder Eothen “Egon” Alapatt to return the late rapper’s rhyme books.

In a shared post on the instagram The official official of the late rapper, DOOM’s widow, Jasmine Dumile, shared a series of Gmail screenshots. The footage appears to show a series of communications between Alapatt, herself, and DOOM under the alias Karlo Metal-Franks.

The screenshots – see below – were shared on social media on Thursday (March 2), along with the caption: “Egon Give The Notebooks Back [sic]“.

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The screenshots appear to show an email thread between DOOM, his wife, and Alapatt back in 2016 on a slide. “Any news of him [redactado] under my belongings. I really need those notebooks,” says an email to Alapatt dated August 2016.

“I have no idea where he is [redactado]Alapatt answers apparently.” As I said [redacted] when he contacted me… He disappeared when his family sold the building, which I understand has been demolished. I know since I worked with [redacted] that they took containers full of things.”

Dumile was allegedly told by the reorganized party in this email chain that the notebooks were handwritten by Alapatt, containing letters written by DOOM. Another shot on another slide shows DOOM or his wife emailing Alapatt again in January 2017, although no response from him is recorded or shown.

“I also learned that my notebooks are in your possession,” reads the email – apparently from DOOM – in the second shot, “Please let me know the cost of storage so we can claim these items as soon as possible. Thank you for saving and returning ALL notebooks and any other DoOM property in your possession.”

NME has contacted Alapatt for comment.

DOOM died in October 2020, although the story of his death was not shared until December of that year. Through his Instagram account, his wife Jasmine revealed that the rapper (real name Daniel Dumile) died on October 31, 2020.

It was recently announced that DOOM owned Metalface Records will be reissuing KMD’s “Black Bastards” to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Black Bastards” was first recorded in 1993 and was the second album by the rap group, which consisted of DOOM (formerly Zev Love X) and his brother DJ Subroc.

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