Megumin attacks Genshin’s Influence via a new mode

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the community of players of the popular video game The influence of Genshin It is always active, and not to mention the community that makes modifications to the video game (mods), which always ends up surprising with some new content. These mods usually focus on modifying the original skins of the playable characters, but sometimes the mods are so extensive that they turn them into completely different characters.

A) Yes, One of the derivatives of this type of modification is usually the inclusion of characters from other franchises within the video game.characters that never officially appear in real life, either because the franchise has nothing to do with it, or because the cast of The influence of Genshin he is “extremely passionate” about his product and has rarely, if ever, been seen collaborating with other intellectual property.

In short, today’s modification comes from the hand of cybertron231that changed a model “Hu Tao, Director of El Camino Funeral Home”, and went inside Megumin of the franchise Kono Subarashii Sekai and Shukufu wo! (KonoSuba!). According to her description, this mod was requested via Discord, but the textures have been slightly desaturated to better fit Megumin’s appearance in the anime.

The result is amazing, and it only fuels the wildest dreams of Genshin Impact fans that their beloved video game will one day have a franchise collaboration. On the other hand, don’t forget that these mods are installed on unofficial game servers, you don’t want HoYoverse to eliminate you from the face of Mondstadt, right?

Genshin Impact Description

Welcome to Teyvat, a wonderful continent where countless creatures thrive together. Ruled by seven Archons, this world is a place where the seven elements meet… Two twins come from another world. A deity appears before you, separates you and puts you into a deep sleep. When you wake up, the world is no longer the same as you knew it… So you begin your journey in Teyvat to seek answers from The Seven, the elemental gods. Explore every corner of this fantastic world, together with a wide cast of characters, and uncover the many hidden mysteries…

Climb mountains, cross rivers, slide high and low, and enjoy amazing landscapes. Whether you find a wandering Seelie or a mysterious device, there’s always something waiting for you. Will it be a pleasant surprise, or an unexpected accident? Master the elements Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo to trigger various elemental reactions. Vision wielders control the elements in their favor to gain the upper hand in battle. Will you vaporize your enemies by combining Hydro energy with Pyro, charge them with Electro energy, or freeze them with Cryo? Enjoy majestic landscapes, stunning real-time animations, and detailed character movements in a fully immersive visual experience. The lighting and weather changes over time, bringing the details of this world to life.

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