Meet Tinder to conquer anime girls

The independent game publisher Annulus announced Ander for Steam, which will go on sale on March 14 in Japan. This is a dating simulation game uses images generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Players use a fictional dating app Ander to see illustrations of AI-generated girls and decide whether to give them “I like“either”I do not like“, in the same way as dating apps like Tinder.

The player then searches for a character that matches their preferences from an almost infinite number of generated images. Although the full details of the game are not yet known, it seems that after the player finds the chosen girl, the player will chat with her as if they were matching on a dating app. There is also an image of a scene where the user chooses an answer from several options to a question from a girl.

Also, characters appear to be mixed in with inanimate objects, typical of AI-generated images, such as a girl who is also part cake and another girl who is a train. The promotional material raises the questions “What is AI?” and “What is love?“, and also claims that humans and AI will learn something about these issues through everyday conversations.

According to the press release, the light novel writer Guest of Choice (Watashi no Shiranai, Senpai no 100-ko ​​​​no Koto) that handles the story and the AI ​​operator. Director Haruku Umemura It is a 19 year old creator killinzyonline game development service, and Killing Enginedevelopment tool. HolmoNfreshman college student, also involved in development as a programmer.

See more details about the game at Steamalthough it is not yet available.

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