Meet the get pregnant guide that includes anime-like illustrations

Five years on from being published in Japan, there is a strange book / guide entitled “Detailed explanation of intercourse and pregnancy, not doing them, understanding how to have a baby (や ら な く て も 解 る 性交 と 妊娠 妊娠 赤 ゃ ん の の く り 方) “, posted by the group Maniac Club Kenkyukai (マ ニ ア ッ ク ラ ブ 研究 会) in May 2017.

Included are the chapters1: How to have a baby“,“2: We will have a baby!“,“3: Almost born!“And the chapter”4: Life with the baby“, Including information about the birth of the baby, the changes in the mother’s body after childbirth, the preparation and process of birth, the care of the baby and the mother after birth.

On the back cover is the question «What is sex that facilitates pregnancy? How does a girl’s body change when she becomes pregnant? What does a midwife do? Can I have sex when my belly size increases?». The book answers these questions and more about everything from intercourse to pregnancy to childbirth in an erotic and serious way. And on the cover it says: «The really important stuff starting with the “mating-press (widespread sexual site in adult manga, which is usually specifically for the woman to get pregnant)” and the “nakadashi (meaning cum inside) ) “!»

However, what is most remarkableas well as being a guide on how to have sex, how to get pregnant, how to care for pregnancy, how to go through childbirth and how to guide your life after birth, the fact is that everything is accompanied by anime-style illustrations, which illustrate the various points explained graphically. In fact, the cover shows a pregnant girl, though it’s a bit difficult to understand why she’s wearing a school swimsuit.

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