Meet our friend site about video games, Wardea

If you’ve ever explored our site from head to toe, you’ve probably already noticed a section called “Recommended sites“, and today we comment on one of them: ward. This is a site dedicated entirely to video game news and other interesting information, much like what we do there We are Kudasaiwhich is aimed at the anime industry.

By the way, and what does Wardea mean? It comes from the word “wardear”, an expression that is certainly familiar to fans of the franchise League of Legends. A “ward” is an item to look at a part of the map without being there, that is, to put a surveillance camera there to control the view of the map. In addition, it is also used in publications of Facebook as a comment on “hot” posts, since a note is left which means the user will be able to receive notifications if someone else posts the source of the image they were interested in.

Anyway, don’t forget to look around ward, if you are interested in knowing the most important and latest news on the video game industry. You can go directly to this link.

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