Meet Fang Qiao, the illustrator and cosplayer who went viral on forums

Fang Qiao (坊 橋 夜泊) An Asian-born erotic illustrator who recently went viral on comment forums in Japan not only because of her franchise-based work Connect Princess! Re: Jump, but also because it works as a cosplayer, which leads to the “real life”Proved. The latest such work was an expression of the character Saren sasaki, where he drew her with her summer skin and added her own photos doing the cosplay (It should be noted that although his illustrations are hentai, his cosplay photos lack nudity).

In comment forums you can read comments like: «It's a wonderful thing that decorators can do today»,«How much do you have to earn to be able to do cosplay and drawings?»,«Oops, this is bad for my heart»; «Too good to be true? Big!». The illustrator Fang Qiao (坊 橋 夜泊) available through the platform PIXIV FANBOX, where it offers various subscription plans that are quite accessible:

  • Plan A (500 yen per month): Access to work sketches, access to the highest quality illustrations possible, pre-access to upcoming cosplay photos, access to hentai illustrations.
  • Plan B (1,000 yen per month): All of the above plus access to cosplay photos not posted on social media.
  • Plan C (3,000 yen per month): All of the above plus access to occasional gifts.

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