Meet Antojasai, our adult news section!

In July we will be celebrating our fifth, fifth year bringing the latest news and trends to the manga, anime and culture fan community in general in Japan. To celebrate this we have a number of projects scheduled, and one of them antojasai. That’s right, the commentary meme has just arrived!

Our readers will know that from the beginning of this year we started covering news about adult life, be it anime, manga / doujinshi, and live action movies. However, due to our quality as a Google approved site we had to censor everything as much as possible with only the key information.

So, in order to offer our readers the full experience of the news about the adult industry in Japan, we have decided Antojasai (via this link), our section dedicated to this type of news. Don’t miss out on the latest updates from the adult industry from Japan! Be the first to join the comments community and we’ll see you there!


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