Meet Act-Aois, the big canceled manga

Already on August 11 in Japan, it is the third year since the manga “Act-Age” was abruptly canceled, leaving fans wondering what it could have been and how promising it was before it was canceled. published in the journal Weekly Shōnen jump of ShueishaAct-Age” established himself as one of the great promises in the world of manga before facing an unfortunate fate.

The plot of “Action Age” revolved around Kei Yonagi, a young woman with innate acting talent but a challenging personal life. The story explored her journey in the world of acting, highlighting her personal struggles, her growth as an artist, and overcoming obstacles on her path to success in the theater. The series was noted for its unique approach to performance art and character building, which made it appealing to many readers.

However, the promise of the “Age of Action” was cut short by an unexpected twist. In August 2020, author Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested on charges of child molestation. This event led to the immediate cancellation of the series, leaving fans shocked and disappointed. The series was very popular and she was considered one of the rising stars in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

It has been mentioned that “Act-Aois” even had anime adaptation plans in the works before it was canceled. This leak got fans excited and fueled the hype around the series. This cancellation prevented the possibility of seeing Kei Yonagi’s story and his life on screen, which added a bittersweet flavor to the “Act-Age” story.

Despite its abrupt ending, the “Act-Aois” compilation volume is still available for those who wish to explore the possible story. The series’ cancellation is yet another reminder of how out-of-control events can affect the fate of promising work in the manga industry.

On the third anniversary of its cancellation, fans remember “Act-Age” as a series that showed potential and creativity, but also as a story that was left unfinished due to unforeseen circumstances.

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