Maon Kurosaki registered a star in Sayaka Kanda’s name in her memory

Japanese singer Maon Kurosaki post an update via official media. This was the first update posted on his blog since his death Sayaka Kanda, his partner in the music unit “ALICEs (ICE リ セ)“, And wrote about his feelings and the importance of Kanda in his life.

After Kanda's death, Kurosaki shared his grief and memories with her via posts on Twitter and Instagram. In his blog update on January 9, Kurosaki wrote: “I couldn’t put my feelings into words for a while», And mourned the death of Kanda. «The girl who always gave me ‘twins' suddenly left me», She wrote adding if she could do something for Kanda in life.

He also stated that he felt as if he heard Kanda's voice talking to him and encouraging him: “I felt there was something I could only do in this life for her», He said with a sense of mission. «So I can't die, I have to do what I can. Maybe that’s how I lived in September»He said, recalling the moment he fell with an epidural hematoma in 2021.

At the end of his writing, Kurosaki expressed his deepest feelings for Kanda, saying, “I will always love Sayaka-san and we will always be together, there will be no change! I was always proud that we were together. When we meet again, greet us with your usual smile and have the concert that we could not do. Thank you so much for being with me».

But things did not stay that way, Kurosaki posted an update on Twitter revealing that an anonymous star had been named “Sayaka“, In homage to his memory. «Hello. One of the things I wanted to do was this. Anonymous star named after “Sayaka”! I have received permission from the relevant offices and now I know that she is watching me from these coordinates. The shining star, “Sayaka”. May it always light up for you».

The process was done through the service Star Register Online, described as follows: «Online Star Register (OSR) believes that everyone on the face of the earth should enjoy owning their own star in the celestial format. For this reason we offer you the opportunity to choose your own star with the Online Stars Program! OSR has been registering stars for the public since the turn of the millennium. Today it is proud to be the largest star registration service in the world. Personalized registration in the Online Star Register is one of the most original, unique and amazing gifts you can give to your partner, friends, family or work colleagues».

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Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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