Manga piracy site administrator arrested in China

The editorial Shueisha he issued a press release stating that the administrator of the Sleeve Bankmanga piracy site that targeted Japanese users, was finally seized in the Chinese city of Chongqing after a US court approved the release of the administrator’s personal information and after cooperating with authorities in China.

«On June 15, 2022, the General Administration of Chongqing Cultural Market Law Enforcement in China issued an administrative penalty of confiscation of the proceeds of crime and a fine to a man living in Chongqing. for breaching the Information Network Transmission Rights Protection Order to publish manga works through the largest manga piracy website for Japanese users, “Manga Bank”, and various successor sites without permission from the rights holder. The administrative penalty of confiscation of proceeds of crime and a fine was announced on the website of the People’s Government of Wanzhou District, Chongqing on June 21.».

«“Manga BANK” is a piracy website where you can read Japanese manga works on the Internet. According to ABJ estimates, the total number of entries during the launch period (November 2019 to October 2021) reached 993.7 million and the amount read for free was equal to 208.2 billion yen in loss for the manga industrymaking it a massive hacking website comparable to “Mangamura».

«Shueisha, along with Kadokawa, Kodansha, and Shogakukan, obtained owner information disclosure orders in US courts against various computer services companies using “Manga Bank” and, with the advice of experts and the Fukuoka Prefectural Police, who were central to the “Mangamura” case, they thoroughly examined and analyzed the information disclosed. As a result of further investigation based on the disclosed information, we discovered that the operator resides in Chongqing, China. To avoid this series of investigations, “Manga Bank” was closed on November 4, 2021, but the operator continued the violation by opening a successor site, so the four publishing companies applied to The Content Overseas Distribution Association ( CODA), that there is an office in China, that it will take action in this regard».

«“Manga Bank” and its successor site made it impossible to read pirated manga from China, and the situation was “doing nothing wrong in China”, so prosecution was expected to be difficult to do.but CODA filed an administrative sanction petition with the Chinese authorities, summarizing the situation of massive damage in Japan, its punishment, and the importance of detection, and acceptance.».

«This is the first time a local operator of a Japanese-oriented manga piracy site has been punished in a foreign country, and the successor site was also shut down after the arrest, making this a landmark case. It is hoped that this type of offshore action will deter similar crimes, as most pirate site operators are based overseas. Shueisha, together with the other three publishers and CODA, will now focus its efforts on exposing the full scope of this infringement and will explore all possibilities, including filing a civil suit.».

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