‘Makima’ donates a million dollars to school scholarships

The Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yibetter known mspuiyi, has announced a million dollar scholarship for underprivileged students. On February 21, a businesswoman, actress, model, DJ and former star of fans only he shared a video on his Instagram account to announce the launch of his first scholarship program. Strangely enough, in the video she seems to be dressed as Makima of Chain Saw Man.

Pui Yi cited his disadvantaged background as inspiration for the scholarship. «As a girl from a disadvantaged background, I always wanted to have additional financial support to continue my studies.», he explained in his description.

«It’s something I think about all the time to this day, maybe my life would be different? Not everyone has the same opportunities, and I know many people who could have gone far if they had received financial assistance when they were younger.he followed.

The 24-year-old says she wanted to study medicine in the past, but was unable to do so due to financial problems. He remembers the difficulties he faced as a student, his part-time jobs and the sleepless nights he had. «In the end, I couldn’t follow my dream as a surgeon due to many factors, because I couldn’t get enough funding for my studies and I couldn’t find any scholarship.», he explained.

At the end of 2022, Pui Yi stopped publishing explicit content on the subscription streaming platform fans onlywith him, according to what he declared to him Entrepreneurwon”seven figures a month“. The influencer has set out to “give something back to society” by launching a scholarship program to help disadvantaged students around the world.

«I’ve always wanted to make a difference one day, to give equal opportunities to students who can’t afford the education they need to succeed. And now I am happy to announce that I am going to launch my own scholarship to help students achieve their dreams.», he explained.

In conjunction with the Education FoundationEach selected student will receive $1,000.to follow the degree you want“. Pui Yi also points out that students will also have access to hardship scholarships while studying and start-up scholarships after graduation. Pui Yi invites students to apply on the dedicated scholarship website.

More information about the scholarship in Official site.

Fountain: instagram // Makima


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