Magical Girl Magical Destroyers anime gets new preview, anarchic trailer and 2023 premiere

The Magical Girl Magical Destroyers (Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers) anime has revealed a new key visual, main cast, 2023 premiere date, and Anarchy character trailer. The heroine will be voiced by Ai Fairouz, and you can watch her trailer:

Magical Girl Magical Destroyers Anime – Anarchy Trailer

The rest of the main cast includes Makoto Furukawa as Otaku Hero, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Pink, and Aimi Terakawa as Sin. You can see the 4 characters of the new preview:

Magical Girl Magical Destroyers Anime – Key Preview

Bibury Animation Studios is in charge of the production and Hiroshi Ikehata is the director. Daishiro Tanimura is responsible for the script and composition of the series, while Jun Inagawa is credited with the initial planning.

The official story description:
Japan, all types of otaku culture including anime, games, manga, music, trains and cosplay have been eliminated.
Goods are hoarded and otaku suppressed in the name of protection.
The people ask nothing, as if they have lost their ego.
Taken over by the SSC, an organization tasked with maintaining order, the otaku seemed to have perished.
However, a group of people appear and reclaim the stranded Akiba and rise in power

A young revolutionary, “Otaku Hero” – a man who loves otaku culture more than anything and Akiba more than anyone else.
And three magical girls who adore him – “Anarchy”, “Blue” and “Pink”.

Set in 2011 Japan, these otaku have come together under the banner of freedom.
Akiba’s revolutionary army challenges SSC leader “SHOBON” to an epic battle.

They are determined to wreak havoc to create a world where people can say what they want and do what they want, however much they want.

Gathered under the banner of freedom
To reclaim the culture that was stolen from you

source: Official site
© Committee of Magical Destroyers

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