Madison Beer announces her first memoir, “The Half Of It

Madison Beer will publish her first memoir, The Half Of It, in the spring.

“It feels very surreal to announce this book and I’m so excited to share my story with you in a way I’ve never done before,” she said on Instagram, along with a photo of the book’s cover. “From the reality of being booked at twelve, through everything that came after, to where I am now, and my journey coming to terms with everything that came before. It has taken many very dark moments to come here, but I’m very ready to tell you these chapters of my story. I hope you love it. I can’t wait to introduce myself to you again.”

Beer spoke to People in more detail about the book, which she has been working on for almost two years. When asked why she wanted to write a memoir at the age of 23, she replied: “I really wanted to write this book now because I thought it might help others cope and relate to share some of the ups and downs in my life.”

“I titled it Half of It because I know there will be more evolution and more going on in my story, but for now I wanted to share it in hopes that my journey will bring comfort to people other.”

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And he added: “What I hope most is that anyone who reads the book will assimilate the challenges we all face in this world. After all, we are all connected by emotions, by the desire to be liked. [Los comentarios en las redes sociales validan nuestro trabajo, nos conmueven y nos hieren por igual”.

“Espero que al compartir mi honesto viaje, alguien que quiera esconderse detrás de un teclado para ser mezquino o burlarse a costa de otra persona se lo piense dos veces antes de pulsar ‘enviar’. Espero que podamos encontrar la fuerza para apoyarnos mutuamente y que podamos trabajar para tratar a los demás como nos gustaría que nos trataran a nosotros.

Beer también reveló en la entrevista que la continuación de su álbum de debut “Life Support” de 2021 “llegará pronto”.

The Half Of It llegará a las estanterías el 25 de abril a través de HarperCollins.

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