MadBlue 2022, the most innovative festival towards sustainable development in Europe

ecological urbanization, energy, smart citiesThe economy will focus on economy, mobility, architecture and sustainable finance, bringing together international celebrities who are benchmarks in all of these aspects. The objective is to promote energy transfer, improve the quality of life, well – being and sustainable development of cities.

MadBlue 2022, which will also be present at Madrid conferences, workshops, concerts, sports or gastronomy on sustainable development. This year, the festival takes the concept of the city to talk about ecological urbanism, smart citiesecology, energy, economy, mobility and environmental urban planning from innovation, culture, science and technology, working on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in a cross – cutting and interdisciplinary way, putting the individual at the heart of the problem and the solution.

In its second edition, the festival is once again committed to art as a transformative element as it is from the creativity, as well as the sensitivity and questioning that artists are characterized, from which the transition to a better life can be designed. . Exhibitions, installations and art acts serve as emergency calls towards more responsible and responsible behavior with both the environment and social values.

Artists as change allies

“Art as an element of transformation is one of the fundamental axes of MadBlue. And this is one of the differences of this festival ”. aim David Mud, art director of MadBlue 2022. “We know that art and culture are essential agents of change, because, while culture-specific SDG does not exist, it has a cross-cutting role in education, and more sustainable and sustainable cities. in rethinking consumption and production patterns or in promoting inclusive and peaceful societies. Art helps us to realize that we live in a transitional world and MadBlue sees creativity as a transformative element in its interaction with other disciplines and activating the environment ”.

MadBlue 2022 is exploring the possibilities of blockchain as a means of advancing the fight against climate change. For this reason, it works from this digital universe to develop unique and programmed climate actions, in the field of symbolism and messaging – such as a series of art posters made by art and design professionals that will be launched as NFT (Non-Inungible Signal) – and in the physical field, concrete activities of public interest. The first NFT will be performed by the Portuguese artist and instagramer Jose Lourenco.

Aligned with the lines of the summit and its forums for reflection and action, MadBlue 2022 art projects bring together artworks and installations that shape different architectural concepts and lifestyles. These include from constructions eco-technology for solar energy and sustainable materials – which are characterized by their durability – reflect the cities of the

future (Dagoberto Rodríguez) with executive architectures activated by human energy, with water and rain as the main features (Miler Lagos), these are the first installations to appear in the Condeduque courtyards since 27 January.

A later rethink of the imaginary elongation of the sea in a city like Madrid (Martha Fernandez Calvo), works carried out collecting dust from various parts of the capital (Nuria Fuster), poetic and pictorial messages about the oceans and nature on La Casa Encendida (Sandra Crios Y Albano Afonso(b) or natural and forest awareness activities in the Royal Botanic Garden (Maider Lopez).

Concurrent with the summit, from April 27 to July 17, the exhibition will also be launched fire backkept by Monica Maneiroin which twelve artists participate, among whom we find masters such as Dan Grahamcelebrities on the national stage such as Eva Lootz and a younger view of emerging artists as Keke Vilabelda either Julia Llerena. Other artists such as Lois Patino, Nacho Martin Silva, Rosell Meseguer or Brazil Ding Musa.

I fire back It starts from Greek mythology to the figure of Prometheus – the Titan who defies the gods and steals fire for mankind – to counter the development of our civilizations and their consequences. From that first moment in which men were given the use of fire – this subdued primal energy that allowed the advancement of civilizations and the development of scientific knowledge and the arts – the history of humanity’s “progress” is linked to together. environmental degradation. “Today, the combustion phenomenon that strikes us as we search for energy threatens our planet. It’s time to “bring back the fire” and make a clear commitment to other energy sources that will inspire us to a new, more respectful, less invasive and predatory relationship with the Earth and the Ocean “, explains the keeper.

The IS summitthe big date

The IS summitwhich will take place from 22 April to 1 May, which aims to be the leading destination for best practice in sustainable development, selecting speakers who will present us with technology proposals that offer innovative and disruptive solutions related to the SDGs. Will display but also stands a place boot they will present their recommendations in these areas, as well as workshops aimed at high school students to deepen these objectives.

On the other hand, at the same time, MadBlue’s motto, with the motto “Action for the planet!”, Seeks to bring sustainable development closer to all citizens, especially young people and families with activities involving music, sports or gastronomy. in them.

About MadBlue

MadBlue is the festival that makes Madrid, for the second year, the capital of sustainable development through art, conferences, music, workshops, sports and gastronomy.

This year he takes the concept of urban to talk about ecological urbanism, smart citiesenergy, economy, mobility, sustainable finance … from innovation, culture, science, technology, architecture or design, developing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a cross – cutting and interdisciplinary way, putting the individual at the heart of the problem and the solution.

MadBlue 2022 uses energy as a positive metaphor for the future, in keeping with the constructive spirit of its founders, bringing citizens closer to the potential of the Sustainable Development Goals and actively contributing to creative, inclusive, aesthetic and sustainable activities in terms of economic, social and environmental.


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