Mac DeMarco announced his new instrumental album, ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs

Mac DeMarco has announced a new instrumental album called ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ – find out all the details below.

The Canadian artist will release this 14-song project on January 20th (CD/digital) through his own record label Mac’s Record Label. A vinyl edition will be out on May 12, which you can pre-order here.

According to a press release, the upcoming project consists of instrumental recordings of DeMarco during his time on the road: “The plan was to start driving up north and not go back to LA until I had finished a record ,” he explained.

“I want to be on tour, except that there was no show, and I want to be burning money.”

Every song on “Five Easy Hot Dogs” was recorded and mixed in the city that corresponds to its title. The track list shows the chronological order in which they were produced, starting with “Gualala” and ending with “Rockaway”.

“I’ve been in some places longer than others, some I knew from the past, some not so much,” continues DeMarco.

“I’ve always tried to be busy. If I didn’t know what a city was, I’d just walk around until someone recognized me and I’d go from there. I met a lot of interesting people on the that way and I had a lot of great experiences.”

DeMarco decided to stay in motels, hotels or private homes to record the album after a concert in San Francisco Bay in January 2022.

“I had my guitar, bass, a weird kick drum that we cut in half in Golden Gate Park, all the stands and cables I needed, a couple of mics, an old model D, and a TX7,” he recalls. he.

“I managed to pick up a lot of things on the go too, trying to keep it as travel-friendly as possible.”

DeMarco continued: “The kind of going around and recording and traveling like this didn’t lend itself well to sitting down and planning or thinking about what I wanted to do. I never had a sound in mind or a theme I just started recording.

“Fortunately, the collection of recordings from this period goes hand in hand, the musical identity is present in its entirety. I was there and I was there, and this is how it came, just as it was.”

And he added: “This album seems like how it feels to shoot like this. I hope you enjoy it.”

Here you can see the official cover art and the full tracklist of “Five Easy Hot Dogs”:

1. ‘Gualala

2.” Equal 2

3.” City Crescent

4.” Portland

5.” Portland 2

6. “Victory

7.” Vancouver

8.Vancouver 2

9. Vancouver 3

10. Even

11. Head 2

12.Chicago 1

13.Chicago 2

14. Rockaway

DeMarco’s fourth and most recent studio album, ‘Here Comes the Cowboy,’ came out around 2019.

Last April, the singer-songwriter told NME he was working on a “so-called record” with the focus on “having a happy life.” He said he was in New York at the time, but explained that he would visit other places.

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