Love Live Superstar Season 3 Release Date Revealed

The I love life franchise announced a 2024 release date on Sunday Love Live Superstar Season 3. The announcement followed Liella’s 4th live concert 5yncri5e! edition at the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Main Arena.

Love Live Superstar Season 3 Release Date
Love Live Superstar Season 3 preview with release date

In addition, Liella announced their 5th live concert, which will be held in two separate venues. The first will be held on January 20-21, 2024 at the West Japan General Exhibition Center New Wing in Fukuoka, and the second on February 10-11, 2024 at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza, Tokyo. Both concerts will offer a paid live streaming option.

Love superstar live (stylized as I love life! Super star!!) is the fourth part ofI love life!franchise. The first season aired in July 2021 with 12 episodes, while the second season aired the following year with the same number of episodes. Studio Bandai Namco Arts (formerly Sunrise) animated both seasons of the series with Takahiko Kyoguko as director. The third season was announced after the last episode of season 2 aired.

Crispy rollis streaming the first two seasons of the anime and they describe the plot as:
The first students have arrived at Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, a new academy built at the crossroads of Omotesando, Harajuku and Aoyama. With no history, no upperclassmen to rely on, and no name to speak of, this school is starting entirely from scratch! In the midst of this, a team of five girls led by Kanon Shibuya discover “school idols”. -I love to sing! Indeed! And I want to achieve something with it! So the hopes of these stars, still small in stature, begin to build up… and so begins the School Idol Project of five girls with a blank slate and endless potential.

source:Official website of Love Live
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