Love Live! Sunlight !! celebrating the birthday of God Kurosawa

According to the legend of the multimedia franchise Love Live! Sunlight !!, the character's birthday is celebrated on January 1st Kurosawa Day, one of the members Aqours, the main group. His official profile writes: «Third year student run by the Student Council. He comes from an old family of fishermen who are well known in the area. Pride and perfection in her own way, she cannot do things sloppily or wrongly». Coinciding with this date, his solo music album entitled “LoveLive! Sunlight !! Second Solo Concert Album ~ THE STORY OF THE FATHERS ~ by Kurosawa God“.

Fans of the franchise shared various illustrations to celebrate the occasion, along with the hashtag # 黒 澤 ダ イ ヤ 生 誕 祭 22 2022.

Summary of Living Love! Sunlight !!

Chika Takami, a self-proclaimed ordinary girl, has never participated in any clubs and has no significant talents. However, after visiting Tokyo, she discovers a situation where even an ordinary girl like her could be enlightened: the world of school idiots. Inspired by μ’s former school idol superstar group, Chika is determined to set up her own school idol club in her hometown, Uranohoshi Girls ’High School. But even before she gathers the students to join the group, the prospective school idol is that her biggest hurdle is student council president God Kurosawa, who is strongly opposed to the club's creation.

Just when there seems to be no hope, Chika meets Riko Sakurauchi, a transfer student from Otonokizaka High School, μ's home. Slightly shy but with a talent for the piano, Chika believes that she is a promising recruiter, although it is easier said than done to persuade her to join. Nonetheless, Chika decides to move on and the obstacles that prevent her from forming a school group of ideals that shine as bright as the nine that preceded them.

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