Love Live !: Mari Ohara Unveils Upcoming Album Preview

In the official Twitter account of the multimedia franchise Love Live! a video was shared previewing the character ‘s solo music album A Máire Ó hAraball de Aquariums into Love Live! Sunlight !!, which will be released on June 13 for his birthday. The title is an album “Love alive! Sunlight !! Ohara Mari First Solo Concert Album ~ New winding road ~“, And there will also be a new song called” Shiny Racers “.

The press release also revealed the cover art for this upcoming solo music album:

In fact, the franchise is releasing a series of two-disc albums in the “First Solo Concert Album” line, produced individually by each member of Aquariums from August 2020. The albums are released on each member ‘s birthday, and You Watanabe’s is the seventh and most recent of the line released, with only two more albums remaining, corresponding to A Máire Ó hAra (June 13) and Yoshiko Tsushima (July 13).

Summary of Love Live! Sunlight !!

Chika Takami, a self-proclaimed ordinary girl, was not affiliated with any clubs and had no significant talents. However, after visiting Tokyo, she discovers a stage where an ordinary girl like her might be enjoying: the world of schoolgirls. Inspired by μ’s, the school’s former idol group, Chika is determined to start her own idol club in her seaside hometown, at Uranohoshi Academy. But even before the students come together to join the group, the prospective idol discovers that her biggest obstacle is the student council president, God Kurosawa, who is strongly opposed to the creation of the club.

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