Love is War, season 3 reveals a review of episode 3

The preview of episode 2 ofKaguya-sama: Love is war – ultra romantic(Season 3) is here and it seems that an episode aimed at Shirogane is coming on Friday, April 22nd.

The official website gives a preview of the plot ofKaguya-sama: Love is war – ultra romanticepisode 3:
After Shirogane discovers that a student has collapsed on campus, he takes care of her in the council chamber. She seems to have fainted because of love troubles. As she listens to her love story and current situation, her expression changes from numbness to anxiety, anger and tears. Watching such an intensity of joy, anger, sorrow and happiness, Shiragane was struck by a strong sense of déjà vu for some reason. What the hell does he feel?

Staff information was also disclosed and includes:

  • Screenwriter: Yuki Sugawara
  • Storyboard: Mamoru Hatekayama
  • Director of the episode: Aya Ikeda
  • Chief director of the animation: Hiroshi Yako

The anime continues Crunchyroll this season. The previous episode was titled “Miyuki Shirogane wants to mediate / Kaguya wants to distract him / Kaguya strikes preventivelyAnd Crunchyroll described the plot as:
Kaguya makes a lot of noise when he learns that Shirogane has been invited to a meeting with a karaoke group and orders Hayasaka to remove him from the scene. Dissatisfied with such an attitude, but unable to refuse her mistress’s instructions, Hayasaka joins the party as an acquaintance of Shirogane, Smith A. Hertaka, and plans to spoil the atmosphere by announcing that Shirogane once dumped her. And although she manages to get Shirogane out, the rebellious spirit against Kaguya begins to grow …

Source:Official website, Official Twitter
© Aka Akasaka / Shueisha / Kaguya-sama: The Commission for the Production of Love is War

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