LOONA announces ‘Freesm’ track and tracklist for ‘The Origin Album: 0’

Blockberry Creative revealed the tracklist for LOONA’s comeback in January as an 11-member group, their first new music since Chuu’s expulsion earlier this month.

The tracklist was released via LOONA’s official social media earlier today (December 14) at midnight KST, detailing the five new songs expected on the upcoming ‘The Origin Album: 0’. The EP will be lead by the song ‘Freesm’, accompanied by four B-sides: the first ‘0’, ‘Comet’, ‘BURN (Be U Right Now)’ and ‘Flash’.

The list of songs also details the composers, lyricists and producers who worked on them. Production company MUMW – whose credits include songs by f(x), BoA, EXO, and more – worked on “Freesm” and “BURN (Be U Right Now),” with producers credited- singers 153/Joombas and Monotree. on the songs “Comet” and “Flash” respectively.

The official premiere of this five-part project is scheduled for January 3, 2023.

The new release will mark the band’s first music since Chuu’s departure from LOONA last month, with Blockberry Creative claiming she was “outed” due to “violent language and abuse of power” to his staff. After the announcement caused backlash and skepticism among fans, the label issued a second statement clarifying that it had not made its initial statement “to expose Chuu’s abuse of power to the public and the media. “”.

That second statement also responded to calls for Blockberry to prove allegations of “abuse of power” by Chuu, saying, “Chuu herself and the aggrieved team have the right to provide that truth or evidence .”

Shortly after Chuu’s departure from the group, news channel JTBC reported that nine of LOONA’s members – apart from Hyunjin and Vivi – had filed a lawsuit to terminate their contracts with Blockberry Creative. The company later denied these reports, calling them “baseless” in a statement to Sports Dongah.

The following day, Chuu broke his silence on his expulsion from LOONA through his Instagram Stories, keeping in a short message to his fans that “[no ha] done anything embarrassing for [sus] fans.” “Going forward, when my position is settled, I will share another statement. Thank you so much for taking care and trusting me,” said Chuu.

The singer debuted in 2017 as a founding member of LOONA, releasing her self-titled solo album in December of that year. The song “Heart Attack” was on that record. He later became a member of the LOONA sub-unit LOONA / yyxy, along with his former bandmates Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye, with whom he released the 2018 EP “beauty&thebeat”.

LOONA’s upcoming music production will be their first since the release of the mini album “Flip That” in June. B’s highlight on the six-track project is ‘POSE’, a song they released for the Queendom 2 reality competition series finale back in May.

Last week, Chuu released his first post-LOONA single, the duet “Dear My Winter” with KR&B singer George.

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