Listen to an emotional version of Nintendo ‘s’ Mii Channel Theme’

The iconic ‘Mii Channel Theme’ was covered by the American emo band The Frequency Of Bread.

There’s a lot to love about the Wii (it’s one of the best selling consoles ever for a reason), but the music is definitely up there. One of the highlights was the background music which was how players designed their custom avatars, called Miis.

Well, now a US emo band has decided to give Emo a twist to that lift music. Check out The Frequency Of Bread’s live version of ‘Mii Channel Theme’ below, via Reddit.asked Nintendo to “please put your soundtracks on Spotify and / or other music streaming services. Namco, Square, Capcom and others have already seen the light, when will you do it?”, but as it is, it’s impossible listen legally to most of Nintendo’s music outside of their games, as the company is forced to remove unofficial uploads.

However, some progress has been made. In February, Pokémon released an official audio library with themes from the original Diamond and Pearl games, which fans can download and use for free.

Earlier this year, a version of “Meta Knight’s Revenge” by The 8-Bit Big Band was nominated for Best Set, Tool or A Capella in 2021, and was announced as the category winner at this year’s Grammys in April.

Receiving the award, composer Charlie Rosen thanked Nintendo and Kirby composer Jun Ishikawa, who has composed almost every game in Kirby franchises, including the latest installment in the series, Kirby And The Forgotten Land.


Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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