Lily Allen says fame “became an addiction in itself”

Lily Allen opened up about her relationship with the press, saying that she once had fame “that became an addiction to itself.”

During a recent interview with the New York Times, the singer-songwriter and actress questioned why she agreed to speak to the publication when situations like this often lead to “criticism”.

Thinking there might be an element of narcissism involved, Allen explained: “It’s been my life since I was 18.”

The “Smile” star, who struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past, has been sober for more than four years.

“From the age of 18 until about four or five years ago, I felt like I was in a fog, because I was literally out of my mind all the time,” Allen told the NYT .

“I was wearing the Hero too, that was an addiction in itself: the attention and the paparazzi and the chaos.”

During the early days of his music career, Allen explained that he had an “addictive personality”, but said that “[no] I wanted to be hanging from a toilet seat snorting coke when I was 50.”

Allen spoke candidly about his sobriety in March, saying his life had “changed a lot” in recent years.

The artist obtained a court order to prevent the paparazzi from following him around London in 2009, according to The Guardian. “It’s not a very nice feeling,” Allen told the NYT, recalling the level of attention he received. “Especially when you’re in your early 20s and still trying to figure out who you are in the world.”

In 2018, she hit out at tabloid journalists who criticized her for speaking out on social and political issues.

Allen claimed last month that he faced “constant harassment and surveillance” from broadcaster and journalist Dan Wootton, who has worked for The Sun, News Of The World and Mail Online.

He tweeted that front page from The Sun from 2015, which included an image of Allen allegedly passed out at Glastonbury Festival. Read the headline for Wootton’s story, “Wasted.”

Allen also mentioned Peaches Geldof, Amy Winehouse and Caroline Flack, saying that they were also “harassed and abused, I was harassed the same way as many others, and at the same time.”

It was the culture at that time, there was a level playing field, because we were women, young, articulate, well paid, great at our job, vulnerable and recognisable, we wore our hearts on our sleeves and spoke our truths.”

Earlier this year, Allen revealed that he had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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