Liden Films to animate the Gods’ Games We Play Anime Adaptation

Studio Liden Films is animating the previously announced anime adaptation of Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru (The games of the gods we play) light novel. The information was revealed at today’s MF Bunko J event. The anime project was announced in January of this year with a special promotional video narrated by Saki Miyashita:

The games of the gods we play – Anime announcement video

Tastuya Shiraishi will direct the adaptation. This is his directorial debut, having previously worked as an episode director for Liden Films Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy and THE MADNESS Overlord II and as a key animator on numerous titles including Firepower, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Windand Kokoro Connect.

Kami wa Game ni Ueteiruis a light novel series written by Kei Sazane and illustrated by Toiro Tomose. It began as a web novel published on the Kakuyomu website in 2020 before being picked up by Media Factory in January 2021 under the label MF Bunko J. The author, Kei Sazane, is best known for writing Our last crusade for the rise of the new world series that also received an anime adaptation.

Yen Press licensed the light novel in English. The first volume is due out this November and the plot is described as:
When the gods get bored, they decide to tamper with their eternal existence by challenging all participants to an ultimate battle of wits! Of course, these deities are capricious, unfair, and incomprehensible at the best of times, so victory is virtually impossible for a mere mortal. However, things can’t help but get interesting when a former goddess and a genius human boy team up in an attempt to win the game to end all games!

source: MF Bunko J Summer Festival 2022, Funny Natalie
©Kei Sazane / Media Factory / Kadokawa

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