Liam Gallagher says his only rival for Knebworth was Freddie Mercury

Liam Gallagher has said that Freddie Mercury is probably the only frontman he thinks could put on a concert as big as Knebworth’s.

The singer documented his return to Knebworth as a solo artist earlier this summer for the film Knebworth 22, which sees him perform in the Hertfordshire town 26 years after the famous Oasis concerts there in 1996.

At one point in the film, Gallagher argues that only former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury could achieve the same feat.

“Mick Jagger wouldn’t be able to do this by himself,” he said, “Bono wouldn’t be able to do this by himself. Robert Plant wouldn’t be able to do this by himself .Maybe Freddie Mercury could, but he’s not here, is he?”.

However, Gallagher was humbled by the opportunity to play Knebworth as a solo artist: “I’m still in shock that I was able to play Knebworth for two nights, 26 years after I did it with Oasis,” he said.

“I’m still trying to come to grips with it. It was very biblical to play for many generations in the same place many years apart. I’m very glad I documented it.”

For me, Knebworth has always been and always will be a celebration of the fans and the music. Enjoy the movie and let’s do it again in another 26 years. LG x”.

In a four-star review of Knebworth 22, NME wrote: “His Knebworth 22 may never achieve the near-mythical status of its predecessor Oasis, but – as the film shows – it came at a time when generations of fans they need music. Excuse me for getting together, crying and enjoying a singing binge.”

Earlier this week, Liam Gallagher was confirmed for next year’s edition of Mad Cool, which will take place in Madrid next summer.

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