Kylie Minogue recording her new single ‘Tension’: “We were jumping on the couches”

Kylie Minogue has revealed new details about the recording of her latest single “Tension”, describing how she and her collaborators “jumped on beds” to make the song.

Released last week as the follow-up to his summer hit “Padam Padam,” the song was recorded in Surrey during “the hottest week of the year,” as he explained in a recent interview on The Zane Lowe Show, in which he detailed. how to write “Tense” featuring KAMILE and Anya Jones inspired a nice and energetic session.

“Tension” is one of those songs that you don’t even know how it happened. We were really into it and all the screaming and stuff we did on the record was literally us screaming like crazy and going, ‘Did you just say that? Yes, I said it.”

He continued: “We were jumping on beds and I mean, you’d have to get his opinion on it, but I remember it like that. We were at the pool, so it wasn’t the right place to record anything, we weren’t thinking about recording, just writing and capturing the atmosphere, but a lot of that was left on the record.

Minogue also responded to the success of ‘Padam Padam’, which she previously described as “overwhelming”, in a recent tweet announcing additional dates for her Las Vegas residency.

“It’s an incredible moment,” he explains to Lowe, “it still doesn’t feel real because everything is happening. Padam was an earthquake. The world was moving and now this is the first piece of ‘Tension’. It’s very exciting.”

Tension” is the title track of Minogue’s sixteenth studio album, due out on September 22 via Darenote/BMG (pre-order here). The album is said to be inspired by ’90s house music. “emoto-pop.”

He also recently announced details of a one-off show at London’s Royal Albert Hall next December.

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