Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu celebrates Shouko Komi’s birthday

According to the legend of the manga written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda, Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu (Komi cannot communicate), December 25th birthday Shouko komi, the main character of the play. His official profile writes: «Although Komi Shouko is considered the Madonna of her school, she herself is not able to socialize with others so highly that she can be called a communication disorder. He is unable to express a word or sound in his daily life due to paralyzed anxiety and fear of rejection from his peers. However, you dream of overcoming this dilemma and want to establish friendly relationships with others and make 100 friends. The only person in his school who is known for his inability to communicate well is his classmate Tadano Hitohito. Tadano has decided to help her overcome her anxiety and make her dream of 100 friends come true. With the help of Tadano, he tries to socialize with the other students in his class and make friends with them».

Fans shared a range of pictures to celebrate the occasion, along with the hashtag # 古 見 硝 子 生 誕 祭 2021.

Summary of Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu

This is Shouko Komi's first day at the prestigious Itan Private Institute, and she is now the school ‘s Madonna. With her long black hair and elegant tall look, she grabs the attention of anyone who comes across her. There is a problem, however: despite her popularity, Shouko is terrified of communicating with others. Hitohito Tadano is your typical typical school boy. With the motto of his life “read the case and make sure he stays in trouble,” he quickly discovers that sitting next to Shouko is an enemy of everyone in the class.

One day, by accident, Hitohito wakes up to the sound of Shouko's “meow”. He lies in saying he heard nothing, causing Shouko to run away. But before she can escape, Hitohito assumes that Shouko cannot easily talk to others; in fact, he never managed to make a single friend. Hitohito decides to help Shouko with the aim of making a hundred friends so he can overcome his communication disorder.

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