Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu and the real sex mysteries of Osana Najimi

Najimi Osana He is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu (Komi Can’t Communicate), almost on the same level as the protagonist Shouko Komi. Its name refers to the termosanajimi!, which translates as “childhood friend“. But, which of the two is related to the character?

From his first appearance, Najimi points out that he is an androgynous character, that is, at first glance it is not possible to clarify whether his sex is male or female (gender issues will be omitted for this entire article), and even in the manga this is not yet clear. In his introduction, Tadano Hitohito introduces Osana Najimi as a girl before confusingly remembering that she wore a male uniform during high school. (The story begins in high school, the next level of education). This would lead to the recurring joke about Najimi sex, which Tadano would define as “ambiguous“.

Najimi’s sex joke is not only limited to what he speaks, but also to the way he speaks and dresses. Najimi uses the Japanese pronoun “boku”To refer to yourself, which is more often used by men, but not completely exclusive. However, the peers approach Najimi with a wide range of pronouns, masculine or feminine, but Najimi does not really correct anyone, accepting them all and leaving the mysteries afloat.

When Tadano de Najimi asks why she is wearing a skirt, Najimi replies that it is quite natural to be a girl. But when she is praised by an old classmate, Najimi rejects him, pretending to be a man. That is, he changes his sex at convenience, not that he identifies with any distinctive, although it is certain that someone is already thinking of it as “representative for current gender agenda“, When Najimi’s sex issue is anything but serious.

Najimi clothing gives a rather strange sense of fashion, using garments for both genders that only the most knowledgeable person may notice. Her school uniform includes the male jacket and tie combination, as well as the female plaid skirt. At the summer festival jinbei, a garment that can be worn by both men and women, further confusing fans who were hoping she would eventually wear a yukata that would define her gender. In the end, the question of true Najimi sex remains unanswered throughout the anime and currently also in the manga, so much so that fans have agreed that “Najimi is just Najimi“.

Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu

Summary of Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu

This is Shouko Komi’s first day at Itan Private High School, and she is now Madonna of the school. With her long black hair and tall, elegant look, she attracts the attention of anyone who crosses her path. However, there is a problem: despite his popularity, Shouko is terrible at communicating with others. Hitohito Tadano is for a typical high school boy. With the motto of his life “read the story and make sure he stays out of trouble”, he quickly discovers that sitting next to Shouko is the enemy of everyone in his class.

One day, after an accidental death, Hitohito wakes up to the sound of Shouko’s “meow”. He lies in saying he heard nothing, forcing Shouko to escape. But before she can escape, Hitohito thinks Shouko can’t easily talk to others; in fact, he never made one friend. Hitohito decides to help Shouko in her goal of making a first friend so she can overcome her communication disorder.

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