Komi-san stars in a cool modified car

In a great display of passion for Anime and Otaku culture, Instagram user “@butt.bunii” gave life to an impressive itasha inspired by Shouko Komione of the main characters of the popular franchise “Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu” (Komi Can’t Communicate). The itasha, which is a Japanese term meaning “decorated car,” is decorated with the main character’s vibrant colors and illustrations, attracting the attention of fans and spectators alike.

For those not familiar with “Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu“, the series, created by ode tomohitowhich follows the life of Shouko Komi, a high school student who is extremely beautiful and amazingly perfect. However, behind her charming and polite appearance, Komi-san hides a difficulty in communicating with others, which made her feel isolated. The plot focuses on his efforts to overcome this obstacle and to form true bonds with his colleagues and friends.

Shouko Komi has become a beloved character within the Otaku community due to her wonderful, innocent, yet charming nature. Her struggle for communication and search for true friendship touched the hearts of many viewers, making her an icon within the franchise and beyond.

the enclosure of “@butt.bunii” sponsored by “@bimyou.workshop“, a shop specializing in anime-themed car modifications. Thanks to your support, this impressive project was able to come to life and enjoy the fans of the series and itasha alike. The car is carefully decorated with iconic scenes of Komi-san, his adorable expressions and the distinctive pattern of his signature suit, all in a stylistic combination that masterfully captures the essence of the character.

The presentation of this itasha created anticipation and enthusiasm among fans of the franchise, who are still waiting for news about a possible third season for the anime adaptation. The series has already had two seasons that have been well received by the public and critics, so the possibility of a long-term continuation is news.

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