Kizuna no Allele Season 2 is getting a new trailer ahead of its October 4 premiere

The upcoming season 2 of Kizuna has no allele anime released a new trailer ahead of its October 4 release. They also announced that “Perfect World!!” by the virtual unit PathTLive will serve as the opening theme song of the second season.

Kizuna no Allele Season 2 – Anime Trailer

Synopsis of the second season of the anime:
The curtain opens on season two!!
Miracle and all other members of PathTLive successfully made it to the main ADEN competition for the Virtual Grid Awards.
However, their celebrations are short-lived as their next challenge awaits just around the corner.
Their next assignment from the academy is a combat unit!!
Will cracks appear in the bonds holding PathTLive together?
Encounter a powerful, new enemy (Rival)
Parting with friends
Severing the ties between Miracle and her friends
What will Miracle and the others learn from this?
What is the fate of PathTLive?!

Kizuna no Allele Season 2

The first season ofKizuna has no alleleThe anime premieres on April 3 this year. Signal.MD and WIT Studio were responsible for animating the series, with Kenichiro Komaya as director. Deko Akao was in charge of series composition, Shiori Asaka and Niina Morita were character designers, while Shiori Asaka, Niina Morita, Mizuki Takahashi were credited as main animation directors. The theme songs used in the series were “mirAI wave” by PathTLive as the opening theme and “Yosuga” by #kzn as the ending theme.

TheKizuna has no alleleanime was first announced in February of this year after Kizuna Ai’s live concert “Hello World 2022“. The concert was her last live show before taking an indefinite hiatus from online activities.

Source: Press release, Official site
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