Kizuna Ai Anime Gets Visual Teaser, 2023 Release Date

The previously announced Kizuna Ai VTuber anime has released a visual teaser. The anime titled Kizuna without alleleis part of Kizuna Ai Anime Project and will be released in 2023. The artwork was drawn by En Morikura, who recently worked on Prima doll as a character designer. No other staff and cast information has been announced at this time.

Kizuna Ai anime adaptation
Kizuna Ai Anime Adaptation – Visual Teaser

Kizuna Ai’s anime was first announced in February of this year after her live concert “Hello World 2022”. The said concert was her last live show before taking an indefinite hiatus from online activities. During Kizuna AI’s indefinite hiatus, her goal is to further evolve. Her management outlined the policy regarding her indefinite leave in a separate statement at the time. The management also mentioned that they will continue existing projects to realize her desire to connect with everyone in the world.

Anime Kizuna Ai
Kizuna Ai at her final live concert ‘Hello, World 2022’

Kizuna Ai is considered to be the one who pioneered the term “virtual YouTuber” or “VTuber”. She started her online activities in December 2016. She has over 3 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel and over 1.5 million subscribers on her second channel ‘AIGames’ where she focuses on gaming related content.

She is also known for songs such as “AIAIAI” composed by Yasutaka Nakata and “Again” composed by Taku Inoue. She has also collaborated with brands such as fashion brand Valentino and a mobile game Azure Lane. She has also voiced characters in several anime including Magical girl site.

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