Kimetsu no Yaiba is banned in the Middle East

A few days ago we reported that movie theater chains i Saudi Arabia reported that the film was special Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To Swordsmith Village their presentation was canceled in that territory because the company that manages the distribution rights refused to make the requested corrections to make their projection correct.

Although there was no mention of the corrections they were referring to, for many it was clearly the sight of Mitsui Kanroji, the Bullet of Love, completely naked taking a bath. This scene was featured in the original manga, and while her nipples and crotch are not shown, her body sure looks good. Knowing the background of Saudi Arabia and their view on “women’s exposure”, it was clear that such a scene would have to be edited to meet distribution standards there.

Kimetsu no Yaiba

It seems that the company is in charge of the distribution (we call Aniplex or Crunchyroll) Yes refused to make these changes to the special film, prompting cinema chains to announce that it would not be screened in Saudi Arabia. Not many explained how Japan refused to make the changes and lose money in that territory, but now things are back to normal. It turns out that the cinema chains had announced that the film will be shown in theaters in the region, and they thanked the company in charge for their cooperation.

«For fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba. We inform you that the special film will soon be released in theaters in Saudi Arabia, and we would like to thank the company that manages the distribution rights for their cooperation with local distributors to bring this work. See you in theaters“, wrote the statement. And there should be no surprise, after all, money is king, and this censored version does not seem to be the one that will make it to the rest of the world.

By the way, if you think we’re exaggerating when we say “Kimetsu no Yaiba was banned in the Middle East”, it’s not. In fact, the cinema chain Vox Cinema This is how he informed all the fans who asked him on social networks about the premiere of this special film in that territory. «Hello, thank you very much for contacting us. Be aware that this film is unfortunately banned in the United Arab Emirates. We apologize for the inconvenience».

Fortunately, they are already reporting that the block has been removed and that it already has a release date in that other territory: «Hello, thank you very much for contacting us. Great news, know that Kimetsu no Yaiba will be released on March 9th. Stay in touch for advance ticket sales».

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