Kimetsu no Yaiba: AI makes Mitsuri a really cute girl

As part of an exciting advancement in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and art, a series of stunning illustrations featuring the beloved character have been created. Mitsubishi Kanroji of Kimetsu no Yaiba. These diagrams have a particular peculiarity: drawn so that Mitsui Kanroji looks like a real person.

AI has proven its ability to mimic art styles and create realistic images, but this project takes the experience to a new level by demonstrating Mitsubishi Kanroji with a surprisingly human appearance. The detail and level of realism in the illustrations has left fans speechless.

The process of creating these illustrations began with a careful selection of images from Mitsubishi Kanroji from the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba. An AI algorithm trained with deep learning techniques then went over these images to capture every characteristic of the character. Through an image generation process, the AI ​​created portraits in which the Bullet of Love appears to have come to life in real life.

The work behind this project took into account not only Mitsui’s physical characteristics, but also her personality and characteristics. Each illustration represents a unique and authentic version of the character, capturing his energy and charm in a whole new way. Fans of Mitsuri Kanroji are fascinated by how these artworks blur the line between what is fictional and what is real. Many have praised the level of detail and quality of the illustrations, comparing them to photographs rather than drawings.

General Summary of Kimetsu no Yaiba

Tanjirou Kamado lives with his poor family on a remote mountain. As an older brother, he took on the responsibility of providing for his family after his father’s death. On a cold winter day, he goes down to the local village to sell charcoal. When the sun is setting, he is forced to spend the night in the house of a strange man who warns him that there are strange creatures that play at night: evil demons that love human flesh.

When he finally arrives home, Tanjirou’s worst nightmare comes true. His entire family was brutally killed, except for his sister Nezuko, who was turned into a carnivorous demon. Filled with hatred and despair, Tanjirou desperately tries to stop Nezuko from attacking others, embarking on a journey to avenge his family and find a way to turn his beloved sister into a human.

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