Kenpachi Zaraki is back in BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 20 Review

BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2 -The Separation-anime revealed a preview of episode 7 (overall episode 20). The episode is titled “I AM THE EDGE” and will air on Saturday, August 19. Check out the preview images below showing a new Sternritter as well as 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki:

BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 20 Staff:

  • Screenplay: Masaki Hiramatsu
  • Storyboard: Wataru Yamamoto
  • Episode Director: Yusaku Kikuchi
  • Animation Director: Hiroshi Natsuki, Natsuko, Studio Bus, Mari Tominaga
  • Chief Animation Director: Kiyoshi Komatsubara

The official website describes the story for the episode:
Isane and Yachiru, who are healing Kensei and the others, are attacked by Guenael Lee, a Sternritter with the ability to erase not only their appearance, but also their opponent’s memories of them at will. Yachirou is repeatedly “meeting for the first time”, but she uses her instincts and reflexes to parry the blow of her invisible enemy, then draws her zanpakutou and attacks again. Yachirou’s ability to use shikai surprises Isane and corners Guenael. At that moment, however, another enemy quietly appears in the ward.

StudioPierrot previously produced Tite Kubo’s original TV anime adaptationBLEACHmanga that aired between October 2004 and March 2012 with a total of 366 episodes. VIZ Media licensed it in English and they describeBLEACH:TYBWAhistory:

The peace is suddenly disturbed as warning sirens wail in Soul Society. The residents there disappear without a trace and no one knows who is behind it,mmeanwhile, a dark shadow also extends towards Ichigo and his friends in Karakura Town…

Last week brought Rukia into the spotlight and it looks like it’s time for Zaraki and Yachiru to battle! Don’t forget to vote for the best anime of the week!

source:Official site
© TITE KUBO / SHUEISHA, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

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