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Kate Hudson shares her musical plans with her debut album

Kate Hudson has revealed that she is working on her debut album.

Almost Famous actress Penny Lane played in the 2000 film with Cameron Crowe, and has now announced the start of her own musical career.

Hudson shared the news with two photos of himself in a recording studio on Instagram, which he captioned: #albumincoming #myikigai. “

Look at the post here:

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Posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson)

Kate Hudson previously sang in Sia’s directing, Music, in which she plays Zu, the step – sister and guardian of a young autistic girl named Music.

The film was criticized for playing Maddie Ziegler, a non – autistic actress, in the role of Music.

During a appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live !, Hudson called the film’s criticism “an important conversation.”

“For me, when I hear that someone feels left out, I feel terrible,” he said. I think when people see the film they will realize how much love and sensitivity went into it, but it is an important conversation, not just about this film, but about the representation in general. ”

“I think there’s an important dialogue to be had about neurotypical actors playing neuro-divertic characters, with people who are experts and who really know how to engage in the conversation. I really recommend that. Just say : we are listening. “

It is not yet known when Kate Hudson’s debut album will be released.


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