Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Inspires Adult Movie in Japan

At the end of December, the Japanese distributor Getchu listed new adult movies produced by the company Makopee works, specialized in adult film productions on the theme of cosplay. This new release, entitled “Camera with Mukatte Ahegao Double Piece! Cosplay Shirome Zetchou Haishin Sex (Double position for camera! Sex with cosplay and ahegao!) and the actor as a star Good on you, dressed as Jamaica of the franchise of Kakegurui: Mandatory Gambler.

This fine piece of film has been available digitally since December 30 in Japan, but was already physically distributed during the convention. LIKE 31 in November 2021. The recording, which is approximately 50 minutes long, is described as follows: «You bet! Sex and ahegao with Yumeko cosplay! This is a story about having sex in public while broadcasting live to an audience. Look into my white eyes and be excited with my dirty words and expressions! [Orden: Presentación, Besos Profundos, Rimjob, Cunnilingus y Ahegao, Squirting y Fingering, Sexo en Cowgirl y Bukkake en misionero]».

Kakegurui Summary

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school for the privileged and influential, welcoming the children of businessmen and politicians. Unlike other schools, however, Hyakkaou students are not proud of their academic achievements. Instead, they value strategic ability and the ability to read people. As night falls, many venues on campus are transformed into gaming council-supervised gaming venues, where players compete for graduation, cash and much more.

Ryouta Suzui spends his days as a “house pet”, a student ranked in the first basement, forced to serve his peers. Their circumstances soon change when a mysterious transfer student, Yumeko Jabami, arrives at the academy. Despite Suzui's warning, Yumeko quickly dives into the school game, facing his high – profile opponent. His work draws the attention of the members of the student council, which begins its affairs. Suzui tries her best to keep Yumeko out of trouble, but she's unfortunate, she's the most suitable type of person to help Hyakkaou: forced gambling.

Fountain: Getchu

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