Kaede to Suzu premieres its second episode video

The erotic author Kyōkucho (きょくちょ) shared via his official Twitter account a frame from the second episode of the animated adaptation of his adult doujinshi, Kaede to Suzu. It should be noted that this second episode has only been announced by word of mouth so far, as it is not listed in any distributor and does not have a scheduled release date.

As for the first episode, it was produced by the studios pink pineapple and released on March 25, 2022 in Japan. To date, it remains the highest rated h3ntai anime in the entire history of the platform. MyAnimeListwith a rating of 7.90 points and beating Imaizumin Chi wa Douyara Gal or Tamariba and Natteru Rashii Y An Animation Masterpieceare in second and third place, respectively.

Summary of this second episode Kaede to Suzu not yet revealed (because it is not yet listed by distributors), but the frame revealed by the author is part of the fourth volume of the original doujinshi (326285). Since the first episode adapted the first and second volumes, will this second one adapt the third and fourth volumes, or the fourth and fifth volumes?

However, the synopsis of the original doujinshi writes: «One day after class, Kaede’s twin sister Suzu brings Kaede, the student council president, and Hayato, the secretary, to the student council room. Kaede is curious about a mysterious box on the desk, and when she reaches into it, her hands are held. The wonderful three-way eroticism between the tsundere older sister and the naturally cool younger sister!».

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