Kabosu, the dog who inspired ‘Doge’, is seriously ill

Maybe if we tell you the name “Kabosu (かぼす)“You don’t know who we’re talking about, but if we tell you,”Doge“Maybe you already have an idea. Kabosu is a female Shiba Inu featured in the original “Doge” meme, being a pedigree puppy sent to an animal shelter when her “puppy mill” was closed. The kindergarten teacher adopted her in 2008, atsuo satou,Y it was named after the kabosu (citrus) fruit, as Satou thought it had the exact same shape as the fruit.

Kabosu is not the only dog ​​to star in the Doge meme, which stems from the fact that Shibu Inu is almost identical, but she is definitely the most popular. Satou herself shared her first photo in 2010, which began to inspire image changes with a text overlay in Comic Sans font from a Tumblr blog called “Shiba Confessions”, which would lead to “Doge” because of the animal’s funny facial expressions. . Its popularity is such that it even has its own cryptocurrency, the “Dogecoin”.

After this presentation of an already historic dog story, there is something to add: Kabosu was born on November 2, 2005. That is, until now he is already 17 years old. This fact is important to note because the Shiba Inu only has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years, so Kabosu can live for a long time. He even has an Instagram account through which the dog’s daily life is reported.

And that’s where the news came from: Kabosu is seriously ill. have their illnesses acute cholangiohepatitis (inflammation of the bile ducts and liver) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (a type of cancer that starts in white blood cells). «Currently, the level of the liver is very bad and jaundice appears. But the antibiotics will definitely make it better. Kabosu has an appetite. You can also drink water. Thank you so much to everyone who cares about her.», wrote the publication.

Things are going well for Kabosu’s recovery, and although a rather positive update was shared on Instagram, the truth is that she is still recovering. «This morning is the fifth day since Kabosu fell ill. He has finished his chicken meal. Drink a lot of water. She no longer needs diapers because she can go to the bathroom by herself. I’m surprised how quickly it went. Today I took her for a five minute walk in the park. He seemed happy in the sun and fresh air. Thank you all for your prayers», wrote the publication.

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