K-On!: Mugi is the most popular Japanese pet name

Anicom General Insurancethe leading company in Japan for pet insurance, published an article that compiled the most popular dog names during the year 2022. The results were obtained through a survey of owners of dogs under one year of age, and it was revealed. that “Mugi (ムギ)” returned to top the list for the second year in a row.

In Japanese, the termMugi (ムギ)” refers to wheat, barley and oats, not to mention some grains, and is perhaps widely used to name the large number of dogs. Shiba Inu which is in Japan (like the yellow color of grain). However, the details became a trend in comment forums because the name also refers to one of the characters from the popular slice-of-life franchise. K-On!.

This character is over Tsumugi “Mugi” Kotobukione of the girls protagonists of the franchise K-On!. His appearance (especially his hair) matches the yellow color of Shiba Inu dogs, but Since the survey didn’t ask dog owners why they named their pets that way, it’s impossible to know if Mugi-chan was their inspiration..

Summary of K-On!

The new year of high school always means a lot to come, and one of those things is joining a club. Yui Hirasawa is in a dilemma as to who she should join, and asks to join the Light Music Club, which she understands as a club where simple instruments, such as castanets, are played. Unable to play a more complex instrument, he decides to visit the club to apologize and quit. Meanwhile, the Light Music Club is facing an impending disbandment due to lack of members. This prompts the club members to offer anything from food to lazing around all day to convince Yui to join. Despite their efforts, Yui doesn’t want to accept him due to his lack of experience. As a last resort, they play a piece for Yui, which ignites her burning passion and she is sure to enter the finale.

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