Jurors listen to Tory Lanez’s interview related to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, after receiving conflicting testimony from the same witness on the stand




		Jurors listen to Tory Lanez's interview related to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, after receiving conflicting testimony from the same witness on the stand

After Kelsey Harris, a key witness in Tory Lanez’s trial, claimed on the stand Thursday that she didn’t see or remember the circumstances of Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting, prosecutors conducted a full 80-minute taped interview Friday. he did three months ago – during which Harris was heard vividly recalling that Lanez actually pointed his gun at Megan.

In an interview with prosecutors in September, Harris was heard to describe looking up to see Lanez, who was still partially inside his vehicle, shoot Megan as she drove away.

“I looked up maybe the second or third shot,” Harris said in audio that was for jurors, Rolling Stone reports, “You see Tory, she’s in the front seat now. I guess I have she has jumped in a smooth transition, and he is leaning over the door, which is open, and he is leaning over the door, the front passenger right. He is shooting over the door.”

Harris also said on the audio tape that Megan “was walking away when this happened, but by the third or fourth shot, she was looking our way, and I would describe it as a deer in the headlights,” adding ” the way she was That. Tory was pointing the gun, it wasn’t straight, it was, like, down, definitely in her direction.”

Megan Thee Stallion sustained injuries to her legs that she described to police at the scene as a result of broken glass, but later said they were caused by gunshots from Lanez (legal name: Daystar Peterson). The surgeon who operated on her legs after the exchange confirmed that he had removed bullet fragments.

To say that Harris was a reluctant witness on the stand is an understatement. After having doubts about recounting what happened in the September interview, he defiantly refused to repeat much of his testimony on the stand, sometimes invoking the fifth amendment, sometimes saying he couldn’t remember, sometimes contradict his previous statements to prosecutors. Harris showed in her testimony that there is no love lost between her and her ex-boyfriend, but also that she agrees with the suggestion of Lanez’s lawyers that she may have been the one who fired the gun.

Prosecutors asked if the Lanez camp is pressuring Harris to change her story or forget it, which she denied on the stand.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford reversed his position on whether prosecutors could play the entire tape for jurors as testimony continued this week. At first, he allowed only small snippets, to jog his memory, but after Harris continued to contradict his previous statements or claim that he could not remember the events, even after playing recorded excerpts , Herrriford made the decision Thursday to allow a full broadcast on Friday..

One of the few details from her September interview that Harris revealed was accurate during her time on the stand this week was a statement that Lanez had threatened to shoot her, not long before Megan’s shooting. Jurors heard more about that when the tape was played Friday.

“He told me: ‘My [N-palabra]I’m going to shoot you,'” Harris said Lanez told him, as heard in the interview. “He told me that, and he reached out like he was going to grab something, he reached for center console, but he never wore anything.”

Harris said on the tape that after the shooting began – when Megan was the target, not her, after some mutual teasing about her running – she saw her then-friend bleeding. Additionally, she said Lanez offered her and Megan $1 million each to not tell the truth about the assault to arriving officers, according to TMZ’s account of the trial.

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